Non Invasive Liver Assessment

Non Invasive assessment of advanced liver disease is becoming more important in the routine practice of liver specialists. Previously, liver biopsy was the only test that was able to assess the diagnosis and severity of liver disease...[more]


Liver specific blood tests

When a patient is found to have abnormal liver function test, then a detailed history and risk assessment is needed to determine the probability of having chronic liver disease. However, in some case it may not be so apparent as to the cause of liver disease...[more]


Liver Biopsy

Liver biopsy is considered as the gold standard investigation for diagnosing underlying liver disease. It also gives us an accurate assessment of severity of liver disease...[more]



Gastroscopy consist of inserting a flexible fibre-optic tube through the mouth to the stomach and just beyond it to the second part of the small bowel. It has a camera, which can take photographs...[more]

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