Non Invasive Liver Assessment

Non Invasive assessment of advanced liver disease is becoming more important in the routine practice of liver specialists. Previously, liver biopsy was the only test that was able to assess the diagnosis and severity of liver disease. However, there are many specific and non specific blood markers of advanced liver disease which are available currently to determine the severity of liver disease.
Apart from blood tests, there are several liver specific scans which can be done to assess severity of liver disease. The most commonly used liver specific scan that is used currently is a Fibroscan. It is 2 dimensional scan that uses specific vibration technology to assess for liver stiffness by generating a numeric reading. This result can be used to interpret the severity of liver disease.
Dr.Sharma has a particular interest in using non invasive methods to assess patients with various stages of liver disease. He is a certified user of a Fibroscan and is able to use it proficiently to assess his patients.

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